Battle of Shrewsbury
I have just found your site and watched your Battle of Shrewsbury video, a truly fantastic and informative film available for free on the internet. I think it's very well put together and is most definitely worth watching as are the other videos on your site. Keep up the good work, I have you bookmarked.
Chris, Shrewsbury

Farm chaplain
You have a nice website. I like the story about the rural chaplain and the bales of hay.

Corpus Christi
You and Michael Gallagher have produced a masterpiece: simple, direct and explanatory. Well done!
Michael, Manchester

Film no longer available
I felt I had to write to you to let you know I saw your programme which includes my exhibition of paintings at the Rhyl Arts Centre and that I am delighted with the film.
Sid Haven

Glenelg Brochs
We were at Glenelg when you filmed the Brochs programme, and have just now tuned in to watch it. Most excellent! We learned more from the film than from the visit!
Jim & Marta, France


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