Protestant Truth Society

The Protestant Truth Society book shop*
The Protestant Truth Society book shop

This was an interesting find in London's Fleet Street - a book shop with the name "Protestant Truth Society". I went in and chatted to the manager, who told me that they are presently campaigning for freedom of speech, something about which they feel deeply due to the manner in which their founder was killed.

Kensit felt very concerned over the introduction of what he saw as false doctrines and dangerous rituals into the Church of England and spoke out vigorously against them. In those days people felt as strongly about religion as they do about football these days, and his words often roused riots. In the end, during a disturbance, he was killed by someone who opposed his message.

We need to feel strongly about issues - apathy leads nowhere - but just as we have the right to speak out, so we have the duty to allow others to speak out, even if we disagree with them.

They quote the French atheist Voltaire, "I disagree with what you are saying, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."