Just Pray

The Archbishop of Canterbury introduces the Lord's Prayer

In 2015 the Church of England commissioned a short film to be screened during the commercial break in British cinemas in the month before Christmas. Despite initially accepting the church's money, at the last minute the three major cinema chains refused to show the film claiming that they could not accept anything that was religious or political. Although I have a certain amount of sympathy with that stand, it is less acceptable that they were willing to screen trailers for films featuring extreme violence and explicit sexual activity at a time when children were present!

I contacted Lambeth Palace and offered to put the film on NWTV and was given ready permission, for which due thanks and acknowledgement is given. The short film - one minute - features a variety of characters in a variety of situations reciting the Lord's Prayer. As a Christian myself I could have hoped for something more explicitly evangelical in the run-up to Christmas, but given that the film makers were attempting to come within the guidelines set by the cinemas, it is still pretty good.

Watch it and see what you think.