Wolves in Llangollen

Beautiful Plas Newydd is not your usual background for wolves!*
Beautiful Plas Newydd is not your usual background for wolves!

"Walking with Wolves", said the press release when it thudded into my e-mail inbox, and I was sufficiently interested to fire back an e-mail asking for details. The result was a visit to Llangollen and the beautiful half-timbered Plas Newydd - which was besieged by wolves!

Alas, on closer inspection the wolves turned out to be kids in masks. The actual wolves were two in number and closely confined in a stout wire cage with a double door, precautions that rather called in question the assertion by both the press release and the wolf lovers that they were beautiful beasts and entirely harmless.

We interviewed some of the others taking part in this event and in one of the interviews the woman's voice suddenly disappears for a couple of seconds. She wasn't struck by lightning nor did my equipment malfunction. We just decided that broadcasting the location of pearl-bearing mussels was not a good idea, given how many people there are who care nothing for nature in their greed for personal gain.