65th VE Day

Sixty-five years ago Britain erupted with joy as people thronged the streets to celebrate VE Day - Victory in Europe. Of course they still faced the sombre prospect of war in the far east with the uncertainty of invading Japan. They were not to know that two bombs would wipe out that difficulty and bring VJ Day closer than they could have hoped.

Denbighshire recently celebrated the sixty-fifth anniversary of VE Day with a special dinner for pensioners and veterans who remember the first one. We were privileged to speak to three of those veterans - note the medals they bear - and also to two younger members of Britain's armed forces.

War is never nice and we must all regret the suffering it brings to all sides. Nevertheless, we are grateful for the sacrifices our brave soldiers are willing to make and sincerely wish that carpets and grass are the highest price they are called upon to pay!