Fair Trade

Fair Trade is all about making sure the producers are not exploited

Fair Trade is a campaign aimed at persuading us all to pay a little bit extra for the goods we buy from Third World countries so that the producers over there can earn a reasonable living. A number of supermarkets now stock Fair Trade goods, but here in north Wales it is the churches - and particularly the Roman Catholic church - which has taken the lead.

At the end of November Denbighshire joined other Welsh counties in becoming a Fair Trade zone - which means that the council has committed itself to using only Fair Trade products and undertakes to promote the use of Fair Trade goods.

Personally I think this is a splendid idea and it is nice to see young people getting involved in something so worthwhile. The 'rap' in the middle of the film was written, so I am told, by a youngster from north Wales.

The second film under this heading has a banana producer talking about the enormous difference a fair price has made to her life - and before you go getting cynical about fat cat banana growers swanning around in BMWs, she has 3.5 acres of land, 1009 banana trees and the big difference is that her child now has shoes to wear to go to a school that has one computer!