Legalising cannabis

In view of the recent debate on the question of whether cannabis should be legalised, I have for some time wanted to put something on-site about the subject. Personally, I am against legalising any non-medicinal drug (though I would be in favour of people being allowed to use cannabis that was prescribed for them by their doctor) but as a committed Christian, it might be thought that I had a vested interest rather than an open mind in the matter.

Blewyn, however, is a different matter. I have no idea what his religious views are - though I suspect he doesn't have any - and, even better, he has used cannbis, so can speak from experience. Furthermore, he is young, not an old fuddy-duddy like me.

Blewyn has quite definite opinions on the subject, which he expresses cogently and with vigour.

I am astonished at how many books are available which tell you how to grow cannbis, and even at how many there are promoting conspiracy theories about why the evil government wants to stop you getting high. Yet there is increasing evidence that cannabis is not the harmless fun drug its proponents claim, but in fact has harmful effects on memory, mental ability and personality.

Take Blewyn's advice: Don't Do Drugs!