Welcome to the NWTV site. Our films are divided into various sections, which you can see listed on the left in the previous page. Each section is further sub-divided and introduced by a paragraph or two of text. Continue through our menu system until you see the film symbol in the panel on the left. Clicking on that will allow you to view the film.

To view the video on this site you will need RealPlayer. This is available free of charge on the RealVideo site but you have to hunt around for it and all the time they try to trick you into getting the version for which you have to pay. In addition many people find that RealPlayer tries to take over your machine and it keeps wanting to "phone home". For these reasons you may wish to try the Alternative Real Player at

I normally use RealPlayer, but I have used the Alternative with complete success. However when I tried installing both on the one computer I did find a clash, so be warned. Have one or the other but not both.

we have recently started to put some of our films on our own channel on YouTube, simply because that allows us to use better quality video without increasing our hosting charges! Look for the word "YouTube" in the menu system on the left - and be sure to come back to NWTV when you have finished watching the film!