Indian dancing

There is as wide a variety of Indian dances as in any other culture on earth, from the sacred Kathakali dances of south India to the contorted poses of Indian classical dance, from the lascivious writhings of a nautch girl to the artificial spectacles of Bollywood. Here we have two samples of Punjabi village dances with a twist - they have been rehearsed, choreographed and adapted to suit a Western audience and Western Indian dancers.

The Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod is an annual festival of music and dance in which young people from all over the world compete for prizes and enjoy a week of getting to know each other. Founded in the wake of the World Wars, the Eisteddfod aims to work for peace through the medium of music and dance and thousands of young people over the years bear witness to the fact that whatever your race or nationality, you can make friends even among those the politicians call your enemies.