Gallery 36

Having your own gallery must be every artist's dream, but alas, the realities of rents and rates and staffing, combined with the disinclination of the philistine public to keep the artist in the style to which he might aspire, means that it forever remains a dream for most artists.

In Rhyl, however, a group of local artists and craftsmen have got together and formed a consortium to have just that - their very own art gallery. The fact that it is shared not only means that the costs are lower, but the variety of work on display makes it more attractive to the passing public.

Our first film introduces Gallery 36 (otherwise known as "RhylCreate") to you. The second features Charles Day, a goldsmith and the third his wife, Brenda, who does beadwork. The fourth is Martin Jones, a bird photographer and painter, then there is Ray Worsnop. who calls himself 'the accidental photographer'..